Wireless charging batteries of implanted devices.

Remote recharging of batteries of internal implants, such as cardiac pacemakers, implantable electrical stimulators of all kinds including neurostimulators, urinary tract control devices, and deep brain neurostimulators among others is an important problem to which there is no adequate solution. Present day devices contain an internal battery, which can last for 5-10 years, after which they are surgically replaced. Noninvasive leadless recharging of the implant’s battery would help avoid periodic surgical procedures.

Artann’s proprietary patented TRA technology for remote generation of electrical signal in the embedded in tissue piezotransducer can be efficiently use for charging batteries of implanted devices. The feasibility of the technology is fully proven. Focused ultrasound at the intensity levels well below the safety limit set by FDA generates voltage sufficient for implanted device battery charging. The TRA focused ultrasound is accurately localized at the piezotransducer embedded in tissue thus providing minimum exposure of surrounding tissues to ultrasound energy. Additionally, the TRA method allows for continuously correcting the position of the target focal spot necessary to account for the possible movement of the implanted device.