ARTANN Laboratories, Inc. (Artann) is an innovative technology company with the mission of early stage development and validation of original technologies and devices. The value of Artann's research has been recognized by the support of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from various federal agencies. Artann is the recipient of over 30 grant and contract awards from the various institutes of the National Institutes of Health, from NASA and Department of Defense.

Artann was founded by Dr. Armen Sarvazyan in 1995. The first NIH SBIR grant of Artann obtained in 1995, entitled "New screening method for early detection of breast cancer" was based on a proprietary medical diagnostic modality termed Mechanical Imaging (MI), or Tactile Imaging. Till now, MI remains one of the main areas of research activities of Artann. With the support of numerous NIH grants, Artann has developed several generations of MI devices for prostate, breast, vagina and muscle abnormalities imaging.

A unique feature of Artann is a wide scope of its activities. Addressing solicitations from different federal agencies, Artann developed numerous technologies in the diverse fields of medical diagnostics, biosensors and biotechnology, nondestructive testing, various technologies for industrial, aerospace and military applications. Artann has built a solid intellectual property foundation for its technologies with 41 issued and pending US patents. Further, the company has established a sound record of bringing new technologies from the level of an academic idea into the stage of functional prototypes ready for commercialization. To date, Artann licensed five proprietary technologies to private and public companies to carry out the commercialization of its products.