Prostate Mechanical Imager (PMI) provides a real-time 3-D image of the prostate and detects the presence and location of abnormalities within the gland. PMI enables a physician to visually examine and store a 3-D reconstructed image of the prostate. The utility of PMI is similar to the utility provided by digital rectal examination (DRE), which is currently considered a standard of care for men over the age of 50. The PMI can minimize subjectivity in the DRE by providing an easy-to-use and accurate tool for visualizing abnormalities of the prostate. The PMI includes a transrectal probe with two separate pressure sensor arrays and an orientation sensor, a data acquisition and processing unit. Prior to clinical studies the performance of PMI was extensively tested on phantoms to determine imaging accuracy, reproducibility, inter-system and inter-operator reproducibility for generating 3-D real time image. The assessment of the PMI’s ability to image the human prostate and detect areas of hardness was first addressed in multiple clinical studies. The PMI provided data sufficient for image reconstruction of the prostate in 84%-98% of study cases. It has the potential for prostate cancer screening. Artann received FDA approval in 2012 for the mechanical imaging device for the prostate.

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