Myofascial Trigger Point Tactile Imager
Tactile image of active myofascial trigger point

Chronic pain is a critical public health problem. A majority of patients in specialty pain management centers and those with chronic pain disorders suffer from a poorly understood condition called Myofascial Pain Syndrome which is characterized by pain associated with localized tender nodules in taut bands of skeletal muscle called myofascial trigger points. Currently, there are no objective methods for characterizing myofascial trigger points. The Myofascial Trigger Point Tactile Imager (MTPTI) is a tactile imaging device that provides a 2-D tactile visualization and assessment of the elastic properties of the myofascial trigger points by using a tactile imaging probe. The images and signal information are stored and can be accessed for review or data analysis. The MTPTI can be used by a chiropractic or massage therapy practitioner to map the tissue elasticity of the myofascial trigger points.

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