3-D absorbance spectra obtained with TPS

Temperature Profile Spectroscopy, developed in collaboration with the Institute of BioEngineering Technologies, Inc (IBET) of Columbus, Ohio, is a novel technique for rapid thermodynamic characterization of biological molecules for biotechnological and drug screening applications. By measurement of optical properties simultaneously over a range of temperature, a reduction of greater the 100 fold in the time required for a thermodynamic characterization of biological macromolecules and their interactions is achieved. Applications of Temperature Profile Spectroscopy technology include the rational design of probe molecules for use in drug screening. A family of analytical instruments is currently being developed by IBET based on this principle.

Temperature Profile Spectrophotometer (TPS) is the first self-contained instrument with external PC controls that could collect temperature dependent spectra 25-100 times faster then conventional instrumentation. The TPS is intended for research and laboratory use in multiple applications including: spectral, thermal and thermodynamic properties of biomacromolecules and biomolecular interactions, including protein denaturation, nucleic acid strand separation, and biomolecule-drug interactions; thermally induced small molecule ligand exchange and ionization reactions.

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