We developed numerous TRA systems for various biomedical applications, such as ultrasound assisted drug delivery, deep vein thrombosis treatment, nonlinear imaging, Shear Wave Elasticity Imaging, MR Elastography, treatment of atrial fibrillation, leadless neurostimulation and remote charging of batteries of implanted devices.

The NIH funded projects of Artann based on the use of the TRA principles include “Diagnostic Technologies Based on Acoustic Radiation Force”, ”MR Elastography Using Time Reversed Acoustics”, conducted in collaboration with the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and two projects: “Time-reversal acoustic device for enhanced drug delivery for brain gliomas” and “Ultrasound-assisted convection-enhanced drug delivery to the brain” on the use of TRA to focus ultrasound in brain conducted in collaboration with Cornell University. The figure adapted from the latter project shows an example of TRA focusing in the human skull model. Artann has several issued and pending US patents on biomedical applications of TRA.

TRA focusing of ultrasound in skull model

Activities of Artann related to biomedical applications of TRA included further development of a technology for focusing ultrasound in brain for enhancing drug delivery to brain tumors and remote generation of electrical signal in tissue for charging batteries of implanted devices, for leadless neurostimulation and for deep brain stimulation. Major innovative idea developed in Artann is the proprietary patented concept of wireless TRA with electromagnetic feedback for remotely energizing implanted devices. The latter technology is based in the use of a miniature implanted piezotransducer which serves as a beacon for TRA focusing of ultrasound. Under the action of focused ultrasound, the implanted piezotransducer generates electrical energy which may be used in a variety of application.