Applications of Ultrasound Focusing Systems
Based on Time Reversal Acoustics Principles

Time Reversal Acoustics (TRA) is a novel concept introduced by Mathias Fink of the University of Paris for focusing and steering acoustic beams in complex heterogeneous media. Scattering, refractions and reflections in highly inhomogeneous media, which distort focusing in conventional acoustic focusing systems and are viewed as a significant technical hurdle, lead to improvement of the focusing ability of the TRA system. Thus, TRA takes advantage of these usually undesirable processes. Artann Laboratories has developed a family of TRA electronic systems for a variety of medical and non-medical applications based on TRA principles. These projects were supported by several grants from NIH, NASA and DoD. Artann has numerous issued and pending US patents on various applications of TRA and results of the studies were presented  in numerous publications and presentations.

Artann's Grants and Patents

Grant support

  • R21CA164935-01, Sarvazyan (Co-Investigator), Olbricht (PI), Ultrasound-assisted convection-enhanced drug delivery to the brain, 03/01/2012 - 02/28/2014
  • R43NS065524, Sarvazyan (PI), Time-reversal acoustic device for enhanced drug delivery for brain gliomas, 09/01/2009 – 08/31/2010
  • R21 EB0011548-01, Sarvazyan (PI), Diagnostic Technologies Based on Acoustic Radiation Force, 04/01/03 – 03/31/05
  • R21 EB02787-01, Sarvazyan (Co-investigator), Swanson (PI), MR Elastography Using Time Reversed Acoustics, 10/01/2003 -09/30/2005
  • NNL04AB54P, NASA, Sarvazyan (Co-investigator), Sutin (PI), Time Reversal Acoustic Structural Health Monitoring Using Array of Embedded Sensors, 01/16/2004-01/15/2005
  • FA9550-04-C-0068, DoD/Air Force, Sarvazyan (Co-investigator), Sutin (PI), Vibration Based Structural Health Monitoring using Time Reversal Acoustics, 09/15/2004 - 06/14/2005

Issued and pending patents

  • Sarvazyan AP, Fillinger L, Sutin A. “Focusing of broadband acoustic signals using time-reversed acoustics”, USA Pat No 7,587,291; Sept. 8, 2009.
  • Sarvazyan AP, Emelianov S, “Wireless beacon for time-reversal acoustics, method of use and instrument containing thereof”, USA Pat. No. 7,713,200; May 11, 2010. 
  • Sarvazyan AP, “Ultrasound-assisted drug-delivery method and system based on time reversal acoustics”, USA Pat. No. 7,985,184; July 26, 2011.
  • Sarvazyan AP, “Ultrasound diagnostic and therapeutic devices”, US Patent Application No. 13,028,301; Filed Feb 16, 2011.
  • Sarvazyan AP, "Systems for remote generation of electrical signal in tissue based on time-reversal acoustics", USA Pat. No. 8,649,875; Feb 11, 2014
  • Sarvazyan AP, "Leadless system for deep brain stimulation using time reversal acoustics", USA Pat. No. 8,649,876; Feb 11, 2014
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