Research Team

Artann is operated by a team of scientific research professionals with expertise in the diverse areas of acoustics and ultrasonics, biophysics and biomechanics, biomedical engineering, biochemistry, medicine, computational methods, and software development. Artann Laboratories facilities are fully equipped with the latest laboratory machinery and computer technology necessary for the state-of-the-art experimental research. Our core personnel include:

Armen Sarvazyan, PhD, DSc, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Artann, co-Founder of SuperSonic Imagine, Medical Tactile, Advanced Tactile Imaging and IBET Inc. , an Adjunct Professor at the Surgery Department of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and Honorary Foreign Professor of Physics Faculty of Moscow State University, Russia. Armen Sarvazyan has extensive expertise in biophysics, acoustics, biomechanics, biomedical engineering, and in the design, construction and clinical testing of medical instrumentation. He holds over 100 US and international patents on ultrasonic and biomechanical methods and devices, has edited 6 books and published over 200 research papers. The ideas developed and patented by Armen Sarvazyan and his coworkers have spun off into a number of new business ventures in the field of medical devices.
Tatyana Sarvazyan, MS, Founder and President. Tatyana Sarvazyan graduated from the Moscow State University with an M.S. degree. She worked at the Scientific Center for Biological Research Academy of Sciences of the USSR as Engineer on Art Design of Scientific Instruments at the Special Construction Bureau of Biological Instrumentation and then for over 20 years as Administrator of International Research Cooperation in the Institute of Biophysics and later in the Institute of Photosynthesis of the USSR Academy of Science. Tatyana Sarvazyan is in charge of the financial management of Artann.
Noune Sarvazyan, PhD, MBA, Chief Executive Officer. Noune Sarvazyan combines research and business expertise with a B.S. in physics, an M.S. in biophysics, a Ph.D in medical sciences and an MBA with distinction from the University of Michigan. A recipient of the National Research Honor Award, she has extensive scientific research experience in biophysical methods and applications. Noune Sarvazyan works closely with Armen Sarvazyan on implementing company research objectives and development strategic business and scientific partnerships.
Vladimir Egorov, PhD, Vice President for Technology Development.Vladimir received the M.S. degree in biophysics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, USSR, and was granted by Ph.D. degree in biology working at the Institute of Basic Biological Problems, Pushchino. Vladimir Egorov plays a substantial role in success of Artann as a team leader for several projects of the company. He brings over 30 years of experience in instrumentation development, expertise in the biophysical methods and devices, biomedical engineering. Vladimir Egorov has coauthored with Armen Sarvazyan several key patents in the areas of elasticity imaging for prostate and breast cancer detection.
John Gardner, Vice President of Quality and Regulatory Affairs. John Gardner is a graduate from Villanova University and has extensive knowledge of Radar, Ultrasound systems, image analysis, ECG and EEG signal processing as well as optical imaging system for quantification of surface and deep vascular structures. He has over 25 years experience in software, engineering, quality, clinical studies and regulatory affairs with the responsibility for guiding a number of medical devices through world wide compliance and regulatory approval. John is responsible for design, implementation and execution of quality and regulatory systems at Artann.
Milind Patel, MS, Engineering Team Leader. Milind Patel is a graduate from University of Pennsylvania and holds MS degree in Electrical Engineering. He has sound knowledge and experience in analog and digital IC design and testing. At Artann, Milind is focusing on Prostate Mechanical Imaging project. He is responsible for testing the electronic circuit boards and pressure sensors and is in charge of assembling the entire system.
Sergey Tsyuryupa, PhD, Research Scientist. Sergey Tsyuryupa earned his MS degree in physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia, and a PhD in biology from the Institute of Photosynthesis of the Russian Academy of Science. His research experience in biochemistry is complemented by his exceptional engineering skills in designing the state of art instrumentation for several company projects.
Alexey Tatarinov, PhD, Research Scientist. Alexey Tatarinov was educated in Riga, Latvia, where he earned his MS in industrial and civil engineering and PhD in biomechanics. With the two decades of research on the biomechanical properties of the bone conditions and ultrasonic assessment of the material properties, he is an accomplished researcher and a project leader for the application of ultrasonometry for osteoporosis diagnostics. Alexey Tatarinov has coauthored with Armen Sarvazyan patents on the method and device for multi-parametric ultrasonic assessment of bone health.
Viktor Kurtenok, MS, Firmware Engineer. Viktor Kurtenok is a graduate of Riga Technical University, Latvia, with the MS degree in Computer Engineering. He has extensive experience in developing firmware for various products, writing Windows drivers and DLL software with Visual C++ and the USB interface, and other general software and hardware programming.
Alex Merzhevskiy, MS, Mechanical and Electrical Engineer. Alex Merzhevskiy is a graduate from the St.Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation. He has substantial expertise in design, validation and manufacturing of various specialized electronic devices. At Artann, Alex operates our mechanical workshop and is involved in electronic systems development for multiple projects.
Randee Wood, MSTM, RDMS, RT, Clinical Programs Director. Randee earned her Master of Science in Technology Management degree at Pepperdine University and has over 20 years experience directing and advising operations and services for emerging medical technology companies including regulatory and compliance. At Artann Randee directs the clinical trials programs.
Aleksandr Pasechnik, BS, Senior Biomedical Engineer. Aleksandr graduated from the George Washington University in 2009 with experience in electrical engineering, software development, and machine work. He is involved in various projects at Artann, including the Prostate Mechanical Imaging system.
Tomasz Wojtera, BS, Biomedical Engineer. Tomasz graduated from Rutgers University in 2012 with experience in biomechanics, 3D computer-aided design, machine work and technical writing. At Artann, Tomasz is involved in mechanical design, fabrication, assembling, testing and documentation for several projects including the Colonoscopy Force Monitor and Vaginal Tactile Imager.
Anna Smagulova, BBA, Accounts Manager/Administrator. Anna Smagulova is a graduate of Kazakh State Academy of Management in Almaty, Kazakstan. She has over nine years of working experience in various financial institutions and was recently awarded a Diploma in Accounting from the Stratford Career Institute (Washington, DC). Anna Smagulova is responsible for accounting and bookkeeping as well as contracts and grants support, and various staff assistance.
Alexandr Povar, BS, Electrical Engineer. Alexandr graduated from Kharkov Municipal Academy in 1999 with experience in electrical/mechanical engineering, 2D/3D computer-aided design, machine work. At Artann, Alexandr is engaged in various engineering assignments, fabrication, assembling, software testing and IT support for multiple projects..
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